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Industries & Verticals
Banking & Finance
We power the infrastructure behind millions of daily financial transactions, maintaining rigorous information security and upholding standards such as ISO 27001.
E-commerce & Marketplaces
Scaling an end-to-end marketplace or e-commerce platform isn't straightforward. Our solutions simplify this process for expansive websites handling thousands of RPMs.
Health-tech & Pharma
We serve as the foundation for the future of biological and chemical industries, offering robust computational power for demanding processes like RNA-seq. Additionally, we uphold HIPAA compliance.
Data Analysis
Data scientists and researchers constantly crave information. We assist them by crafting and implementing the optimal infrastructure design, maximizing their data utilization.
Certification Authorities
We are guided by the practices promoted by the leading institutions in the industry
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We use cutting-edge technology.

Key Roles at Ibisdev
The DevOps specialist is responsible for ensuring the optimization and compliance with standards in the cloud infrastructure, including design review, configuration management, and coordination of incident resolution.
A DevSecOps specialist integrates security into the DevOps process, ensuring secure cloud applications and regulatory compliance by automating security processes, identifying threats, and designing secure architectures.
A FinOps expert for the cloud oversees application costs and finances, optimizing expenses, setting budgets, sending alerts, and enhancing cloud service efficiency to match corporate goals.

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